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Emini Day Trading

Emini Day Trading

Welcome to Emini Day Trading. Our goal is to help you become an online master trader of the emini's. To that end there is a free report entitled, "How To Become A Emini Master Trader". It's available by filling out the form on the right side of this page.

Our focus is the emini Dow (YM). There's daily pre-open commentary posted by 9:15 and the results of real time trades for several trading systems are posted by 12:00 each trading day. Links to the commentary/results pages are on the left side of this and every page. Please read the Guide to Commentary-Results before looking at individual days. The trading systems tracked are listed on here.

Since the emini fees for the online brokers have come down dramatically in the last 5 years to the point where the commissions are not a major consideration in trading decisions, online day trading has become quite popular. Other contributing factors include the improved reliability of data feeds and the ease of use of the charting and order entry software.

Please email us with any comments about things you would like to see on the Emini Day Trading site.